Templars of the Holy Spirit

Templars of the Holy Spirit
The Templars or “TOTHS” as they are sometimes referred, are a religious organization. Their influence is wide spread and they have billions of followers on hundreds of colony worlds.

TOTHS believe that the Omni-Field is literally the omnipresence of God and refer to it as “The Holy Spirit”. They believe that Jesus was not the son of god, rather a Nano who could see the O-F for what it really was (hell, the fact that he could see it at all is impressive) and tried to bring this knowledge to humanity.

They also believe that The Weavers were the angels of god who were led by Lucifer and struck down to hell for rising against him. Because of this they are technophobic against anything created by the Weavers, with the exception of the O-F which they do not believe is technological in nature nor created by them.

They dedicate themselves to helping the sick and poor and spreading their gospel. They also attempt to collect as much Weaver Tech as possible in order to destroy it. Some of this tech is unbreakable, this they seal away in their vaults.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with their views and motives, it’s no secret that there is good money to be made by freelance hunting Weaver Tech for the TOTHS.

They clash with many factions and governments due to their opposing views on Weaver Tech. There are many who would kill to get their hands on the countless artifacts that they’ve destroyed, scientists and military agencies among them, but none more than The Spider Syndicate.

Templars of the Holy Spirit

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