The Spider Syndicate

The Spider Syndicate

The Spider Syndicate is a network of scientists, hackers, and treasure hunters dedicated to preserving and studying the legacy of The Weavers at all costs.

They are an old faction and one of the most wide spread. Their roots reach back to the old Internet forums of Earth. They claim to be responsible for coining the terms “Nanoweb” in reference to the nano machines of the Omni-field and the more popular term “The Weavers” in reference to the ancient forerunner species who who at one point seemingly dominated the galaxy.

There is no official head of The Spider Syndicate, but it is moderated in anonymity by three “moderators”: Widow, Recluse, and Parker.

The Syndicate operates on a few fronts. Primarily they hunt for Weaver Tech for catalog and study.

Secondly they attempt “rescue” missions in order to liberate already recovered Weaver Tech from other factions and governments. These missions can be as simple as buying tech, or as complicated and dangerous as hacking databases or attacking labs and vaults.

Many believe the syndicate engages in illegal activities and that their mission statement is just a cover for their involvement in organized crime and terrorism. They deny this, but the structure of their organization makes is nearly impossible to prove or disprove this accusation.

They do operate independently of any government and at times this brings them under the scrutiny of the law. They have vast resources at their disposal and many smaller governments fear them.

The Syndicate hates the Templars of the Holy Spirit due to their mission of destroying or sealing away any and all Weaver Tech they can get their hands on.

They often run a fowl of the large and dominating empire of Nirvana.

The Spider Syndicate

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