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Empire of the Lost

Hundreds of years into the future mankind has discovered that the way have perceived reality is incomplete. That the basic building blocks that create everything are permeated with nanomachines. Machines that have existed for billions of years before humanity took its first steps.

There have been many different names for this phenomenon. Some call it the Omni-field, the Nanoweb, Brahman, The Holy Spirit. Amongst others.

This discovery has led to advancements in technology responsible for taking humanity to the stars. Humans now terraform and colonize hundreds of planets in the Milky Way. As amazing as some of the advancements have been since the discovery of the Omni-Field, many researchers are baffled as to the limitations we have had in advancing further.

There are those, however, who have learned to manipulate the Omni-Field on a one-to-one basis. Many believe this connection to the nanomachines explains the folk stories of witches and wizards, shamans and miracle makers. The Buddha and Jesus Christ. What once would have been looked down upon as occult and taboo is now encouraged, yet still fairly rare.

Now the empire of mankind is sprawling. The governments of Earth have been left behind. Earth itself is little but remembered fondly as the birthplace of our species. There are many governments and kingdoms in space, as well as factions both altruistic and opportunistic.

What there aren’t is aliens. At least so far. This has been the most surprising revelation since the discovery. We have however found evidence of past intelligent life. Ruins designed by a similar species have been discovered on many planets. But no fossils, no DNA of these aliens have been found. It’s as if they simply disappeared. Scientist suspect that they created the Omni-Field, and that possibly the Omni-Field destroyed them. We call them The Weavers. The Empire of the Lost.

Humanity spends a great deal of effort exploring the cities and machines that they left behind, scavenging for old technologies and clues that would tell us their fate. It is a lucrative, competitive, and dangerous business.

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