The Omni-Field is the most commonly used term used to describe the omnipresence of nano-machines that exists within all matter and energy across the observed galaxy. These machines have existed, apparently dormant for billions of years. It is believed they were created by The Weavers, a race of mysterious and seemingly extinct forerunners.

While scientists were taking their first humble steps to create the first true nano-machines a startling discovery was made. Amazingly, that Nanotechnology not only already existed, but it permeates everything. Leftover from some other society, it is believed that life on earth likely would not have developed without this fundamental law.

This discovery was found when primitive, man-made nanotech was being destroyed almost instantly upon genesis. The phenomenon was inexplicable. Further study revealed that the already existing Omni-Field treated these newly synthesized machines as invaders, destroying them before they could multiply. Just like white blood cells.

Research into this preexisting technology boomed. We learned why these machines were never detected before (incredible stealth capabilities) and most importantly how to hack their programming and control them. This latter discovery quickly ran into limitations, as the most of the deeper code of the Omni-Field is beyond grasping.

The Omni-Field has be used to create cheap and clean energy which helped us expand into space. We are also capable of using the O-F to warp space and time to travel the vast distances between worlds and solar systems quickly.

Shamans, witches, and Prophets. Mystics who have long sensed the presence of the Omni-Field before its more “scientific” discovery. Through means that are still difficult to comprehend, some individuals are capable of tapping into the Field and manipulating it. Since the discovery the number of these people have increased dramatically, mostly due to the effort put forth to attain this ability. These individuals are referred to usually as Nanos— though there are other names, depending on beliefs and prejudices.

Nanos are more prevalent than ever before, but they are not overwhelmingly common, their abilities are generally highly valued and sought after.

There have been a few other interpretations of the Field since its discovery, usually religious in nature. Most prominently:

The Holy Spirit – The Templars of the Holy Spirit believe the the Omni-Field is actually the literal Holy Spirit.
Brahman – The Theocracy of Nirvana believes it to be the soul of all things, but do not reject the scientific nature of it.


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